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How Superior Palm Nursery?

Seeding can be done two stages of the work. Seeding of the stages means oil palm seeds directly planted in a large polybag nursery or directly in the primary (main nursery). Breeding two stages have a greater advantage than the nursery one stage. If using a two-stage nursery, nursery into a smaller area and allow it to be made shade.

Another advantage, watering becomes easier and seedlings protected from direct solar radiation so that the risk of death of the plant becomes very small. Seeding early (prenursery) is a oil palm seeds are planted and maintained until the age of three months. Furthermore, the germ is carried out for 2-3 months, whereas the main breeding nursery for 10-12 months. Now we discuss the initial stage first, namely prenursery.

Nurseries and Early Treatment of Palm
1. Location
location for early breeding ground should be flat or tilt prenursery 30 so that a raised bed will be flat. The top of the beds should have a shade, in the form of an artificial roof or a tree. Prenursery fence to prevent intruding animals entering and damaging the nursery. The location should be near a water source.

2. Booking Sprouts
Selection is done with an election sprouts sprouts great use and can meet the needs of your land. One hectare of crop land with a population of 143 220 trees need sprout seeds assuming abnormal sprouts dead and about 25% to about 10% embroidery needs.

3. Planting Sprouts
Place the sprouts in a place that is not too hot in sun shade, then immediately cropping into the baybag. Sprouts may only last 3-5 days in the sprout producer. Two days before planting seedlings, planting medium inside babybag should be watered every morning. Gemburkan surface of the media with the index finger or the thumb, then make a hole to put the sprouts.

4. Weeding and watering
Weeding is done by unplugging all the grass grow dibabybag by hand. Weeding should be conducted once every two weeks. Watering is done every day on a regular basis, ie at 06:00 to 10:30 o'clock in the morning and afternoon when the day starts at 15.00. The volume of water thrown about 0.25-0.5 liters per seedling.

5. Protection and Selection
Pests and diseases during in prenursery usually no. If there is, it can be eradicated with drawn by hand. The disease that comes from a fungus can be controlled with a fungicide that is sold in the market, such as Dithane, Sevin, and Anthio with appropriate doses are recommended.

Palm Nursery End Stage Winning
1. Fertilization
Transportation of oil palm seedlings from the nursery to the main prenursery using babybag took him inside a wooden box measuring 66.5 x 42 x 27.5 cm. Each wooden crate can contain 35 seeds. Transportation must be very careful and after the field until the seedlings should be planted in the main nursery.

2. Transportation Seed
For three months in prenursery usually not fertilized seeds. However, if it appears nutrient deficiencies with symptoms such as yellowing leaves, the seedlings need to be cultivated using pupk N in liquid form. The concentration of compound fertilizer urea or about 0.2% or 2 grams per liter of water for 100 seedlings. Fertilizer is applied through the leaves by spraying the seedlings more than a month or has had three leaves. The frequency of fertilizing once a week.
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